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Binary options allow you to trade on price fluctuations in different markets around the globe. Traders are only required to make a guess on the position of the price of the asset with either a yes or no. If you make the correct prediction, you will receive a payout. If you make the wrong prediction, you will lose the money you invested. There are only 2 possible outcomes in binary options.

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Binary options have become increasingly popular in the past years as traders are informed about the risks and payouts in advance. There are various types of binary options. The standard binary option is the high/low option, also known as fixed return option. It has an expiry time and strike price. When the trader guesses the correct market direction, the trader will receive a fixed return rate. The trader would purchase a call when the market is rising. On the contrary, the trader would buy a put if he predicts the market will fall. Therefore, the trader is actually making a prediction on the future price of the asset at the expiry time, whether it will be higher or lower compared to the current price.

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Another type of binary options is touch binary options. There are a variety of touch options including one touch, no touch and double touch. With one touch options, the price must reach a specified target level before the expiry time in order for the trader to receive a payout. The trader can choose to predict whether the price will hit the target above or below the current price. You can purchase one touch options during the weekends. One touch options can offer a high payout of up to 500%. The trade will continue in the same manner until Friday. The platform will keep checking on the price to see if it has hit the target rate. No touch options pay the traders when it did not reach the level defined. Double touch payout occurs when either of the two levels defined is reached.

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Range binary options allow the traders to select the price range which the asset will trade within the expiry time frame. Some brokers will also offer a payout for the price of the asset that passes the boundary. You can choose to trade on range binary options within the boundary if it is a stable market. If the market is volatile, it is recommended that you trade outside the boundaries.

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60 seconds options is a fast paced digital option that requires traders to predict the direction of the price of the asset within 60 seconds. Traders can take advantage of 60 seconds options by executing a number of simultaneous trades if the asset is moving in one direction. Besides 60 seconds options, there are also other types of fast pace options such as 30 seconds, 5 minute, 30 minutes, and 1 hour. As soon as you have selected the expiry period, your trade will be automatically monitored in the platform so that you don’t have to login from time to time to check on the status.

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